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Thieves of Oberon Serial #1: High Stakes
  • Thieves of Oberon Serial #1: High Stakes


    Two wild ride!


    Thieving is a means of survival — from the ghetto backstreets to the winding, palace halls. And Tigg and Hykes are both in the game to win.

    Poor since birth, Tigg survives Oberon’s slums through elabo- rate heists. Hykes, on the other hand, thieves to alleviate the compounding debts of a sophisticated lifestyle. The two continuously cross paths, foiling each others efforts for top crown. But when the infamous, galactic joy-boy, Dren Rixen, throws his evil hat into the ring, Tigg and Hykes accrue an enemy more sinister than imagined. Can they reconcile their differences to out- smart the conniving Dren and his malicious group of minions? Or is the galaxy too late?


    89 pages

    Published:May 16, 2023

    Genre: Sci/Fi, Action Adventure

    Audience: 14+


    DIGITAL SAMPLE: Click Here

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