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Sky Castle Serial #1 : Crash On Skrikti
  • Sky Castle Serial #1 : Crash On Skrikti



    Dodger is a Dythian soldier with a shattered mind.

    Sky is shunned by the Grushtun for her uncanny power.

    When their worlds collide, an ancient secret is reopened…


    Planets Skirkti and Dythia are caught in the spiral of human destruction. War and famine have all but decimated their fragile ecosystems, leading to internal strife, rumors and fear of exploitation from beyond their own atmosphere. An unprecedented twist of fate binds the future of both, connecting drastically different cultures separated by deep space and marked by moral decline. Does the path to salvation lie in the hands of those still willing to believe in a force greater than themselves?


    81 pages

    Published: July 25, 2023

    Genre: Sci/Fi, Thriller

    Audience: 14+


    DIGITAL SAMPLE: Click Here

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