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Shanghai West: Dark Dance on the Moon
  • Shanghai West: Dark Dance on the Moon


    Missing girls are turning up dead…and in 1930s Mendong, that means one thing: trafficking.
    While intrigue isn’t private investigator Rhett Brody’s game, he’s thrown into the clash between mafia and Tong by a beautiful socialite/spy and a young blonde known only as Mu Tahn. Rhett gets more than he bargained for…while the MPD tries to crack a sex ring involving the notorious “Black Teddy.”
    But some battles are of the mind. Threads connect and fates intertwine, as the search for wealthy Tong leader, Bao Feng’s daughter, unveils darkness and light in a city called the “Shanghai of the West.”


    384 pages

    Published: May 13, 2015

    Genre: Drama / Romance

    Audience: 14+


    DIGITAL SAMPLE: Click Here

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