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Reinbue Towers Serial #1: The Langton Hearing
  • Reinbue Towers Serial #1: The Langton Hearing



    A doctor with a dark secret…
    A man with a mysterious past…
    A tangled web of deceit…

    Dr. Drew Kenson comes to the aid of a former colleague, only to find that Langton, a highly respected army therapist, is now under suspicion of murder. When asked to assume responsibility for one of his patients - the ailing violinist, Jeremy Combs - Kenson agrees to the favor…but nothing is as it appears. Will a conniving woman and a menacing mystery man draw the middle-aged Kenson out of retirement? Or will the eccentric Combs himself be the key to releasing his better angels?


    84 pages

    Published: August 30, 2021

    Genre: Romance / Drama

    Audience: 14+



    DIGITAL SAMPLE: Click Here

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