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Dune Crosse Serial #2: The Krane Factor
  • Dune Crosse Serial #2: The Krane Factor



    Determined. Stubborn. No one can break her resolve...until she meets the smuggler, Dune Crosse.


    Omega flees Nume upon discovery of a startling secret — his father’s death is more sinister than it appears. But self-preserva- tion turns into a wild chase when he rescues Alliance leader, Emma Krane, from the grip of the Black Tick Chargers. With Dune and Julep along for the ride, and the Nume leadership crumbling at its core, Doctor Jon’s erratic threat to eliminate Crosse and his sympathizers initiates a dangerous cat and mouse across the Torrian Plains.


    86 pages

    Published: June 28, 2022

    Genre: Sci Fi / Action Adventure

    Audience: 14+


    DIGITAL SAMPLE: Click Here


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