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Cora's Mask
  • Cora's Mask





    One woman was his downfall... Can another be his salvation?


    Auden knows about ghosts. As a ranking member of the Lontine cartel - and a Ryder - he’s haunted by them. But how can one escape blood ties?

    Behind the mask lies brokenness as a government ultimatum spirals Auden down a labyrinth of fate and fear. The deck is cut and the cards are stacked against him, until an unexpected source breeds promise: a green-eyed girl called Daisy.

    But with dreams fighting reality in the form of his mother, Cora, and his own demons threatening to choke out the last threads of goodness, will there be any Auden left? Or will becoming a “Ryder” destroy his chance at redemption, damning him forever to the horrors of “Cora’s Mask”?


    288 pages

    Published: March 9, 2022

    Genre: Drama / Romance

    Audience: 14+


    DIGITAL SAMPLE: Click Here

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